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INSIDE A MARATHON (second edition)
An All-Access Pass to a Top-10 Finish at NYC
Featuring a new Boston Marathon Chapter**

Foreword by 2018 Boston Marathon Champion, Des Linden

Book will be autographed by Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario

Also available on Kindle HERE.

Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario document the entire four-month journey to Scott’s 7th place finish at the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon. Scott shares his daily training log and recaps each week from an athlete’s perspective–and includes plenty of humor along the way. Ben recaps each week from a coach’s perspective and gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at creating the training outline for a professional marathoner. You also get more than 150 candid, full-color photos from Scott’s workouts, long runs and races. Inside a Marathon is a must read for HOKA NAZ Elite fans.

**SECOND EDITION** includes a chapter on Scott’s 2019 Boston Marathon where he ran 2:09:09 to become the 11th-fastest U.S. marathoner of all-time. Those 11 pages re-live Scott and Ben’s experiences from that day, and some of the major workouts that led up to it. You will hear and feel Ben’s disappointment when Scott falls off the pack at halfway and his elation when he goes back to the front. You will hear and feel Scott’s concern about a nagging hamstring injury that worried him 5k into the race. And you will get an intimate view of exactly what he was thinking when he pushed the pace through the Newton Hills, whittling the lead pack from 18 down to eight. You will also get a full-size color photo of Scott coming down the homestretch and pointing to the crowd as the clock hits 2:09, and the shot of him burying his face in his hands as he realizes exactly what he just accomplished.


“I’ve known Scott since we were college rivals. If I were to write a theme for his career, I would say he has been underrated over and over again. I know when I line up next to Faubs, that his old PR doesn’t matter, and there is a kick coming for me at the end of the race. In his new book Inside A Marathon you get to see in detail how Scott and Coach Rosario prepare for what they know Scott is capable of, including the most impressive workout of my life where Scott and I run 24 miles side-by-side. Scott’s deeply competitive nature is illustrated in this book, and it demonstrates that you don’t need the world’s approval to do something amazing. “Inside A Marathon” offers training insight into one of the most successful professional teams in the US, as well as a glimpse into the life the often-times, lonely marathoner. Don’t sleep on Scott Fauble. You’re going to keep hearing his name over and over again.” – Jared Ward, 2016 Olympian

“It’s not often that we get a first-person perspective on a professional runner’s marathon buildup but that’s exactly what Ben and Scott have offered up in their unique new book, Inside a Marathon. But it’s so much more than that. Aside from sharing the X’s and O’s of Scott’s entire NYC training block, and one another’s respective thoughts on how the training was going week in and week out, this was an intimate behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of a coach-athlete relationship that highlights the importance of honesty, trust, communication and teamwork. I couldn’t put it down.” – Mario Fraioli, Coach and Author of The Morning Shakeout

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